The online reputation management guide

Social Media plays a keen role in building relationships and expanding your network, not only with influencers and journalists associated with your company's sector but also provides a huge opportunity to establish customer service by answering questions and listening to their feedback. The quarter population of the world is on social media, and the use of social media has been skyrocketed since the past decade and a half.


Present your business Digitally

Business website

Living in a Digital Era, a website is crucial for business. If you have a business and don’t have a website you are losing out on opportunities for business. A well designed, informative, and up to date website adds to the credibility of the company. The capability to create real human connections is one of the major advantages of a website for business.


Increase your Google reach

The ultimate solution to the majority problem is Google. To increase your google reach your SEO game has to be strong and in the SEO world keywords are the words that business will especially “target”. Optimizing your content with appropriate keywords will help your website to rank higher on the search engines. 


Focus on Social Media Presence

Companies need to enhance their social media presence and be in the race of digitization. Determine what platform is suitable for your business and target your audience. In this social media, competition presence is what you can control and build your reputation by promoting your brand. 


Content - Be Who You Are


Choose to be honest first than impressive. Be clear about the values and brand personality within every piece of content and communications you share online with your target audience, this helps to build connection and brand name.


Emphasis on reviews and opinions

To increase the traffic on your social platform, encourage customers to review your product or services, review your website, or rating on your business’s Facebook page. Allowing them to share their reviews and feedback help to demonstrate transparency and build a reputation. People trust people and not brands and hence the word of mouth recommendations play a crucial role too.


Speedy Customer Service

Ensure fast and responsive customer service. It's not possible to bring a smile to everyone’s face but often an unhappy customer opts to lash out on social platforms leading to a destructive reputation of the brand. Make sure to actively respond to negative feedback and resolve the problems by engaging in conversation. Remember to acknowledge the positive feedback as well.


Creating and maintaining a positive digital reputation is an ongoing process. What is out there about your brand today might completely change tomorrow so the constant need to manage online content is imperative to ensure you are perceived positively by the audience.