From a Camera App to One of the Largest Community Building App

We scroll Instagram for hours, watch reels, explore different communities, and whatnot!
But have we ever wondered how Instagram evolved the way it is today? 

Over the past decade, the Instagram app has evolved from a photo-sharing service to one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with over one billion active users, and the birthplace of hundreds of trends and innovations. 

1. Layout

The layout on Instagram has changed drastically over the years. If you were to compare Instagram before February of 2010 (when Instagram first started) with Instagram today, there are some huge differences. The layout of Instagram has changed to make it easy for users to discover new and interesting things. In particular, Instagram has become more social with a larger focus on photos and videos. There are over 100 different layouts available for Instagram users. Many users choose to use Instagram's layout that matches their general interests best.

2. Design 

Instagram has been around since 2007. The original platform created an online community for creating, sharing, and promoting visual works of art. Over time, Instagram turned into a business tool for companies to boost brand awareness and interest in their products through targeted media campaigns. Today, Instagram is a blend of social media platforms used by over a billion people for fun, content, and engagement. The best way for creators to maximize their reach and influence while staying true to their creative vision is by choosing an Instagram account that matches their brand.

3. Features 

The features of Instagram have evolved from being primarily a location platform to now including video, text, and audio recordings of your adventures. Instagram has also introduced new framing options and visual effects to indicate what kind of post (photo, video, gif, etc) would look good in what aspect ratio (horizontal or vertical). There have also been occasional changes to the way the tools work that may influence which Instagrammers become successful. They have also introduced the explore options wherein the users could watch reels or content of similar choice.

4. Stories 

With the introduction of Instagram Stories, Instagram has created an opportunity for brands to engage more deeply with their audience. Stories have been a key component of influencer marketing ever since they were introduced, and continue to be a powerful way for brands to communicate with their most engaged audience. With more than 100 million followers, Instagram is one of the most crucial social media platforms for brands today. The success or failure of an Instagram story can dramatically impact its reach and influence, which makes it imperative for brands to understand how to effectively use Instagram stories to maximize their reach and influence with consumers.


The IGTV function is available in the current Instagram app. This function was added to the platform in 2018. The IGTV material is now available to view, and it is frequently relevant to the users' interests. By going to the Search tab and then selecting IGTV, users can find their favorite IGTV material. Influencers and companies are using this capability to stream longer-form live content or post it in video format.

6. Reels 

Reels are a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram. It has also helped people to participate in trending moments and share content often to stay relevant on-trend. Reels are the best place on Instagram to reach people who don’t follow you and a growing global stage where brands and creators can be discovered by anyone. It not only educates people but also entertains people according to their interests. 

7. Shoppable Post

New features were added after Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, allowing companies to utilize the platform with their inventory for the Facebook Marketplace. One of these features is Shoppable Posts. Brands may use this tool to tag posts with product pictures that link to their Facebook Marketplace product listings.

Because it's accessible, the Shoppable Posts feature differs from Instagram Story. Shoppable Posts differs from Instagram Story in that it is only available to Instagram business accounts and is linked to the Facebook Marketplace inventory. However, this feature does not apply to everyone.

It can be concluded that Instagram has evolved from a photo-sharing site into an instant-people-connect platform and a monetizing tool. Throughout its journey of evolution it has helped the community to connect and network, it has uplifted content creators to add value to the life of people. Lastly, it has also helped small businesses and brands to interact with larger audiences. Throughout the evolution of Instagram, its features have changed drastically but its motive to connect the community as a whole is always intact.

Through all these features and innovations, Instagram has always managed to blow the minds of the young generation.