All About Moment Marketing

We all at some point have come across ads from Zomato or Durex during the IPL or controversy that are funny and many times on the same wavelength as to what most people are thinking. They don’t have to be an expensive billboard or TV ad but just a few well thought sentences during the incident on Twitter or Instagram can create the most trending ad.

What is Moment Marketing?

According to Deloitte in its digital trend report, ‘Moment marketing is the ability to take advantage of ongoing events and create communications and marketing campaigns around such events. This is used by brands to insert themselves in the ongoing conversations and bring relevance to how they market. Think of Amul’s punny and eye-catching billboard ads. Because this marketing is the product of current trends or events, consumers are able to pitch in their views or comments creating a ripple campaign   

The old digital marketing is characterized by ungraceful and standardized activities. Stuck by outdated and slow processes, marketing managers cannot keep their minds clear for long enough to even consider event-driven fast-paced marketing activities.

A newcomer in the marketing industry, Moment marketing emerged as a way to connect with online and offline audiences. The majority of YouTube subscribers are young people who are actively searching for popular content on their favorite channels. Similarly, most younger generations are obsessed with sharing and creating social media stories and posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Because if you create a marketing campaign that provides the present and adapts to current events, you are more likely to reach your target audience. 

The reality is that in the era of internet marketing, moment marketing is necessary to capture your audience’s attention and can help the brand create lots of buzz which eventually helps them build an active consumer base. Moment marketing establishes a real-time connection between brands and consumers. In addition to creating a high recovery rate, it has also increased the possibility of consumers discovering it.

Today's marketing calendar offers many opportunities. Numerous events, from shopping day to Christmas Eve, such events were normally ignored by business but now it's unimaginable to think Oyo or Zomato wouldn't tweet something funny on these days. The opportunities are limitless for each industry, showing initiative in adverts from search through to in-app can significantly increase conversion. 

Moment marketing isn't exactly a new phenomenon, but many campaigns still fail to deliver them. However, as we've seen, relevant ads don't just appeal - they also convert. Make sure your brand is foremost in catching current events and trends and induce conversations and you’ll see return on investment soar.