Meme Marketing and its Impact on Branding

While an exact definition of a meme (Pronounced Meem) is difficult to come by, the phrase is most commonly connected with an image or video that depicts a specific notion or idea and is subsequently shared on social media. This concept spreads via social media, forums, instant messaging apps, and even news websites. During this process, the photographs and videos that express the message are frequently adjusted and expanded upon, resulting in the evolution of the original idea into something else entirely, or merely being released with a new caption to portray an altered version of it. If this definition is too difficult to comprehend (we relate), a meme is a piece of visual information that is utilized to convey a humorous message.

Although the meme culture appears to have no relevance to your brand's advertising plan at first look, you'll see how it enhances a brand's online presence by the end of this piece.

Memes are shared by 75% of 13-36-year-olds, which represents a significant portion of the target audience for many brands. Including memes in your brand can result in various benefits, including:

Low Price

Most businesses strive to find low-cost marketing techniques in the hopes of receiving a positive response from their target audiences. Meme Marketing is one such method of marketing products and services that has pushed the boundaries of popularity to new heights. The most basic requirements for meme marketing are a person who is creative enough to produce eye-catching memes, internet connectivity, and a device to create memes. 

Getting to Know Your Audience

Memes' massive appeal in such a short period is since they may be connected to by anyone. Meme creators choose circumstances that we encounter in our daily lives and turn them into a meme. Memes can be effective in developing marketing strategies for a company; however, when producing memes, it is important to remember that the concept of the firm that you want to communicate to the audience through memes must be clear. Memes must be produced in such a way that the items and services promoted through memes connect with the target audience.


Memes already have a large following, and practically everyone who uses social media regularly enjoys looking at meme photos and videos. Memes are becoming the most shared and viral concepts on social media platforms as well because the audience can relate to the memes with real-life circumstances. If you're still skeptical about using meme marketing, take a look at how some of the industry's biggest names are utilizing it.

Meme marketing by Netflix, Zomato, and Swiggy is well-liked by the general public, and it helps them reach a larger audience regularly, Youth spends a significant amount of time on social media, therefore, having a high engagement rate is critical. When you create relatable memes that make people laugh or grin, you can be sure they’ll spread like wildfire.

Although it is critical to recognize that unless you utilize meme marketing successfully, it might backfire and cause people to misunderstand your message. For instance,

In this example, McDonald’s took a meme from 3 years ago (from their post) and used the incorrect meme format.

To make matters worse, for all those meme aficionados out there, this meme makes no sense. The original meme format, based on the "say no more fam" barber meme, shows a humorous haircut and a picture or figure that it resembles. However, there is no haircut or anything like in the McDonald's meme, leaving users perplexed as to what the joke is about. The McSteak was unquestionably a blunder.

To prevent such situations, it may be wise to delegate meme marketing to professionals. Infiniqe Marketing has unrivaled experience creating and executing such campaigns to help your company stand out in the congested digital world.